Don’t make these mistakes during your next home sale! Here’s what to avoid.

The selling season is here, and for the next several videos, we’ll be covering topics about how to effectively sell your home. Today we’ll be looking at the top nine mistakes you should avoid making during a home sale:

1. Not hiring a professional. A real estate agent will know exactly how to handle the sale of your home, so it’s a mistake not to use the experience and knowledge of one.

2. Using bad pictures. You can’t showcase your home well with phone cameras. You have probably 100 home showings online before a buyer ever walks through the door, so your pictures must make a great first impression. 

3. Mispricing your home. Make sure you price your home in the right bracket. Take your agent’s advice—this is what they do for a living, after all. You may want a certain price for your home, but the market is what dictates how much you’ll get.

“Research shows that sellers make at least three of these mistakes”

4. Neglecting repairs. If there are repairs you should do, complete them before you list your home. Your agent can walk through the home and give you advice on what to fix. 

5. Not decluttering or depersonalizing. You want to remove any unnecessary items throughout the home and make it seem as if you don’t even live there. People shouldn’t be getting distracted by your personal items.

6. Selling your home while it’s empty. If you’re not living at the home you’re selling, it’s a good idea to have it staged. Some people can’t afford this and others simply don’t want to do it, but a staged home can guarantee you about 10% to 12% more on your sale.

7. Not letting go of your ego. It can be easy to get held up on the small things during a home sale, but your agent is there to help you through it and negotiate with buyers.

8. Not filling out paperwork properly. Make sure disclosures are done correctly; you don’t want issues to arise halfway through the transaction because you forgot to detail something. Again, your agent is there to help you.

9. Not timing the market. Though some people think summer is always the best time to sell, spring is very fruitful for sellers in Alaska. 

Research shows that sellers make at least three of these mistakes, but now that you’re aware of each one, you can hopefully take the steps needed to prevent them. If you are thinking about selling your home, have any questions, or would like more information, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.