The latest statistics from our Anchorage real estate market.

It’s been a while since I made one of these blogs, so I wanted to give you a quick market update. Everyone wants to know where the market is heading.

We have about 0.92 months of inventory in the Anchorage municipality across all price ranges, which is extremely low. We have over 562 homes under contract right now. That means they are sold and in the closing process. We have a really high pending ratio, but that tells us that there are still homes out there. It’s not that we aren’t getting enough listings; instead, as soon as a listing comes on the market, it goes under contract.

“It is a great time to sell your home.”

We put a $500,000 property on the market a week ago. It got 16 offers and sold for $115,000 over the list price. So if you’re thinking about selling, prices are the best I’ve seen in my 22 years of experience. 

It is a great time to capitalize on your equity, but things have slowed down a bit because of interest rates. Our average number of homes sold in Anchorage is about 186, and our average sales price is $424,000.

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