Today I want to discuss some of the various home decór trends that we’ve noticed cropping up in the market this year. Find out what’s going on right here.

Over the past couple of years, the rustic look has been very popular in the market. More recently, however, that style has morphed into more of a modern aesthetic. Rustic isn’t out quite yet, but it is slowing down. Homeowners have been moving back black-and-white contrasts in their properties with a lot of steel and wood mixed in. Asymmetry and earth tones are on their way back in, when it seems like they just went out not too long ago.

We’re also noting the prevalence of technology in current market trends; people really want their homes to be technologically compatible with all their devices, and this is especially true of new construction homes. The “talk to me” tech products that are controlled by your voice and phones (like Amazon’s Alexa) are being installed in more and more homes. Additionally smart home techs like smart faucets, thermostats, doorbells, and other appliances are coming into demand. It’s worth noting that millennials in particular are entrenched in a technology-driven world, and these functions are especially appealing to them.

The industrial style is another trend that’s making a comeback. This includes things like concrete or quartz countertops and lots of metal accents. Exposed metal beams like you’d typically see in more commercial properties have made their way in over the past couple of years. Matte black and bronze are prominent colors and compliment the industrial vibe.

“Rustic isn’t out quite yet, but it is slowing down.”

Moody blues and the gray color spectrum are wending their way back into the market, as well. You should be careful, though, if you use gray—it’s actually a difficult color to pick in terms of paint. Err on the side of warm grays, but be sure to test them before making your final selection because the colors you’ll see on the swatches tend to show a little bit darker than what you’d expect. Use the coolness of matte blacks to add layers and dimensions to a room and help make it appealing.

Going back to the rustic style: It was popularized by shows like “Fixer Upper” on HGTV, but it is slipping out of the limelight somewhat. As I said, it’s beginning to blend with more of a modern style. Shiplaps are being adapted with a modern twist, and barn doors are beginning to take a back seat to glass and metal doors.

Finally, treat certain trendy products like millennial pink very carefully. I suggest that if you plan to sell your home, you should stick with subtle earth tones and cool colors. These will serve your resale value best.

These are just the trends that we’ve noticed in the market. If you need any help or advice, you can always reach out to me. I’d love to give you my tips on how best to decorate your home so that it looks beautiful and will impress buyers when it comes time to sell.