Why you shouldn’t wait to list your home.

Are you planning on selling your home this winter? If so, you probably plan on reaching out to a real estate team later on in the spring. After all, who wants to think about selling during the coldest months? However, you might end up missing the market if you wait that long. In reality, you need to reach out to us as soon as you can if you want to sell this year. 

Typically, the market becomes very active around the end of January, and it stays active through the end of April. Those are usually the times when we get the highest value for your home.

If you list towards the beginning of this window, there’s just enough inventory out there to start teasing buyers, but it’s not abundant. This means buyers will start looking, but there will be less competition for you. Don’t wait until February to call us. Get a hold of us right now because that will give us time to go over everything you need to do to get the most money possible for your house.

“The average home sells in just 22 days–your sale will not be drawn out.”

As a seller, it’s still a very good time to put your house on the market. Sellers are getting 100% of their asking prices, if not more. It’s not quite as crazy as it was a year ago, but we are still seeing multiple offers–buyers are just being a little more conservative. 

We’re down just a little under 20% on total homes sold this year versus last year, and the reason for that is because there’s very little inventory out there. Our average sales price has gone up over 7.5% year over year, and our average price right now is $456,000. You should have plenty of equity, so you’ll likely be able to purchase a nicer home. Meanwhile, the average property spends only 22 days on the market, so your sale won’t be drawn out. 

If you want to beat the rush and get a fantastic deal, don’t wait to contact us. Call or email us anytime; we are always willing to help!